Personal Grading for professionals

Gaining professional certification is a step that sets you apart – that benchmarks your professional knowledge and experience in a recognised way and in so doing helps to secure both your professional and personal success! The SAQ certificate is an valuable proof of performance.

Courses with national (SAQ), European (EOQ) and international (ISTQB®/IREB) certificates are recognised as a standard in Switzerland. Due to the fact that your qualifications will be recognised throughout Europe they will  increase both your acceptance in your current organisation as well as enhancing your future career prospects. Since 1990 we have issued more than 12’000 SAQ and EOQ certificates.

SAQ has many years of experience in person certification and has been accredited by the Swiss accreditation body, Swiss Accreditation Service SAS, since 30th May 1994 as conforming to SN EN 17024. A consistent quality and transparency of all certificates awarded is therefore guaranteed. In addition the regular assessments ensure that an efficient and competent examination and conformity assessment infrastructure is maintained.