ISTQB® Certified Software Tester

In collaboration with the ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualification Board) SAQ certifies software testers to the Foundation level, Advanced level and Expert level (currently in preparation). The ISTQB®®/SAQ Certified Software Tester is the first and only internationally recognised, standardised training and further development scheme for software testers.

ISTQB® Certified-Tester Program

The scheme addresses both persons who are currently involved in testing activities or who would like to take up testing and who would like to excel in software testing techniques. The certificates attest that the recipient possesses a solid technical know-how and practical experience in the relevant technical field.

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SAQ Certified Tester Foundation Level

The Foundation Level conveys a fundamental knowledge of software testing. You will learn the terminology and basic techniques of software testing required to enable you work as a software tester. This training is suitable for you if you:

  • are a software tester in an industrial or service oriented organisation and would like to underpin your experience with a professional knowledge base.
  • have taken on testing responsibilities or would like to do so, but do not possess the necessary basics knowledge and techniques.

Once you have mastered the Foundation Level and have several years of practical testing experience: then you may take the Advanced Level into consideration. This level is divided into several modules which are individually assessed and certified.

ISTQB®/SAQ Certified Tester Agile Extension Foundation Level

Agile testing is a relatively new approach to software testing that follows the principles of agile software development as outlined in the Agile Manifesto.

A tester on an Agile project will work differently than one working on a traditional project. Testers must understand the values and principles that underpin Agile projects, and how testers are an integral part of a whole-team approach together with developers and business representatives.

There is a lot of confusion concerning agile testing – which means there’s an educational opportunity as well. The Agile Extension will give the tester the knowledge to be part of agile testing teams and achieve high performance.

SAQ Certified Tester Advanced Level

Participants of the Advanced Level training programme are equipped to perform all test related activities.

The course is broken down into 3 modules, which may be attended individually and are each assessed with a separate examination. The modules are as follows:

  • SAQ Certified Tester – Test Manager (part certificate)
  • SAQ Certified Tester – Test Analyst (part certificate)
  • SAQ Certified Tester – Technical Test Analyst (part certificate)

On obtaining all three part certificates an overall certificate will be issued.

SAQ Certified Tester Expert Level

The Expert Level deepens your knowledge in a specialised area, for example test process improvement. This level is currently under development.